What is Coaching?

What is coaching?

Coaching is a relatively short process that supports you to obtain extraordinary changes in your life, on your terms, in alignment with your values. Your coach believes fully in your talents and perhaps unexpressed potential. Your coach’s job is to reveal your strengths, help you overcome obstacles, think more clearly and dive into action to achieve your dreams.

Coaching takes place mostly through structured, non-directive conversations where your coach asks you questions that stimulate you to engage in new ways of thinking, rather than telling you what to do.

Is coaching based on scientific research?

Coaching is a highly professionalized discipline which rests on solid scientific research. Gone are the days of “the Far West” of coaching, when pioneering practitioners experimented with various approaches based more on hunches than evidence. I must say that it’s thanks to their boldness and passion that coaching became so popular and its success drew enough attention for scientific research to be conducted, to understand this quickly rising phenomenon.

You are at the center

The most important thing to know is that you are at the center of the coaching process. It is your agenda, the process is entirely customized for your specific needs and we work together towards achieving your goals.   I use many different approaches and a wide palette of coaching tools to support you in your progress until you achieve your aspirations.

Coaching is a process, irrespective of the content that you bring.  It follows a logical path from your desire, to understanding everything that is at stake, exploring how to realize your goals, identifying your strengths and resources, and finally developing an action plan that can easily be monitored and adjusted until you succeed in what you want.