Saba Imru
Saba Imru-Mathieu, MA, PCC

I am passionate about coaching and all its facets.  I believe it is a great contributor to improving the life of individuals and quality of work life in organizations.

I share my time between her private coaching practice, corporate work through my company Leaders Today, and research work for my doctorate.




Professional Certified Coach with expertise in different areas: personal and career coaching, leadership coaching, executive coaching and conflict coaching.

Facilitator, designing and conducting large-scale international collaborative events that enable organizations to engage their members in meaningful, action-oriented strategy building conversations.

Coach Supervisor and Trainer, leading coach training programmes from foundation to certification level.  Design of advanced coaching skills courses in specialized fields

HR Professional,  HR management in international organizations, HR strategy, organizational change and learning programmes.  Advisor to the board, expert  in leadership coaching, career counsellor and intercultural management.



  • Leaders Today, Coaching and Consulting boutique firm
  • Choosemylife Career & Personal Coaching Services
  • Coach for Peace, non-profit association



– Doctoral Candidate, Coaching and Mentoring, Oxford Brookes University
– Master of Arts, Leading Innovation and Change, York St John University
– Master Coaching Leadership and Communication, Institut de Coaching

Coaching and leadership

– Professional Certified Coach, PCC, International Coach Federation, (ICF), Lexington
– Registered Mentor Coach, International Coach Federation (ICF), Lexington
– Certified Professional Certified Coach, Institut de Coaching (IDC), Geneva
– Certified Master Coach , Institut de Coaching (IDC), Geneva
– Certified Corporate Coach, Institut de Coaching (IDC), Geneva
– Coach Trainer and Supervisor, Institut de Coaching (IDC), Geneva
– Organisational Constellations and Coaching, Emergeance Coaching, Geneva
– Generative Coaching, Stephen Gilligan, Institut de Coaching (IDC), Geneva
– Appreciative Coaching, Anne Clancy, Institut de Coaching (IDC), Geneva
– Authentic Leadership, Robert Dilts, Institut de Coaching (IDC), Geneva
– Presence-based Coaching, Doug Silsbee, Institut de Coaching (IDC), Geneva
– Meta-Coaching, Michael Hall, Brief’R, Geneva
– Accredited Intercultural Management Lecturer, Hofstede Institute, Helsinki
– Coaching Leaders Through Conflict, Cinergy, Toronto
– Conflict Management for Leaders and Managers, United Nations, Geneva

Board membership

Board Member, Association Découvrir


Member PCC, International Coach Federation
Affiliate Member, Institute of Coaching Professional Association at McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School affiliate
Member, Society for Organizational Learning
Member, The World Café Community
Member, Organization of Women in International Trade
Member, Chartered Institute Personnel Development
Member, Oxford Brookes Coaching and Mentoring Society


Asethiog Association of civil servants, leadership and cross-cultural skills training
Association Découvrir, personal development and training for migrant women
Association Ressources, personal development training and coaching for local communities
Coach for Peace, coaching, training and collaborative meetings
Mediator, International Telecommunication Union, UN agency for ICTs
Objectif Gaia, collaborative meetings for local sustainability initiatives
Solidarity fund for Ethiopian Women, fund-raising